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Precision Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor Platform (4P)

My role: Project manager for MEMSCAP AS, Skoppum, Norway. 

Project summary: 

A new piezoresistive pressure sensor platform for a high accuracy sensor family was developed in this project. Focus was to develop a pressure sensor platformwith thermal hysteresis and long-term drift less than 100 ppm of the full-scale output signal. The platform was also developed with superiour robustness and media compatibility. Samples from the project was delivered to NASA for use in their Tunable Laser Spectrometer for space missions wxploring molecular and element chemistry relevant to life. The project was part of the long cooperation between MEMSCAP and SINTEF and included a PhD candidate within micro- and nanosystems technology at the University of Southeastern Norway. The project was supported by the Researh Council of Norway under contract ES507447 and was finished 2016. 

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