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Sensor Technology for Green and Safe Jet-Engines (STEGS)

Project owner and manager: MEMSCAP AS, Skoppum, Norway


My role: Consultant - process technology for the new sensor elements.


The primary target of the STEGS project is to make a significant contribution to a a future greener and safe air transport funded on value creation by using microsystem technology and manufacturing in Norway. The target is to deliver best-in-class pressure sensors to the technical solution generally known as "Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC). The project is owned and managed by MEMSCAP AS and is a cooperation between MEMSCAP, SINTEF and STERNA Innovation. The project is supported by the Research Council of Norway (NFR) under contract 269672 and last til april 2020. The work wil continue in 2020 based on a new contract with NFR with the goal to set up production of the sensor elements at Sensonor and to have complete set of transducers demonstrated in the application in 2023. 


Pressure sensor

Pressure sensor for use in FADECs. 



Jet-Engine with FADEC






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